My Top essential tools

With inspiration from the article of Tobias van Schneider. I wanted to show you my essentials tools/apps I need in my daily workflow:

1. Omnifocus

Omnifocus is THE GTD ToDo application. For most it seems overloaded, but once you got your workflow you do not want to miss it. I have Perspectives for Today and Completed which help me for my daily standup. I have different intetegrations which push all my tasks into my Omnifocus Inbox, thanks to Omnifocus Mail Drop. On the go I use the iOS App.

Cost: 39.99$ / 79.99$
Link: Get it here

2. RescueTime

RescueTime helps you to control you work life balance. It runs in the background and securly logs the time spent on applications or certain tasks. I let it run all the time, so later I can create filters to see how much time I spent on a client project or other task. And the weekly summary email is awesome to see which day you are most productive and which time of the day. Thats were I noticed that I am most producitve in the morning when everything is quiet ;)

Cost: Free / 9$ per month
Link: Get it here

3. Fantastical

Fantastical is THE Calendar app. I use it on all of my devices. I love the natural language parser and all the other features. If you did not know it, please check it out, you won't go back. And with their new Mac App it just got even more awesome.

Cost: currently 39.99$
Link: Download here

4. Sketch Toolbox

After getting into Sketch and doing some small work with it, I found Sketch Toolbox. It lets you manage your Sketch Plugins, install them, keep them updated or deinstall them. Very cool small tool.

Cost: Free
Link: Download here

5. Alfred

Alfred is my Spotlight. It almost always saves you time without touching the mouse. There are so many Workflows you can integrate with (only with PowerPack), and with their new iOS Remote App, you can even control certain tasks from your mobile.
Some of my Workflows:

  • Google Hangout
  • Spotify Mini Player
  • Call from iPhone
  • New Omnifocus Task
  • Slack Overflow

Cost: Free / PowerPack: £17
Link: Download here

6. Pinboard

Pinboard helps you in saving and managing your links and bookmarks. I think it is the best for what it does, without a cluttered interface it gets out of your way. I have the Safari bookmarklet installed, and whenever I find something interesting i hit CMD+3 and it gets saved. On OS X or iOS you find a lot of different Client-Apps.

Cost: 11$ / year
Link: Get it here

7. Momentum

Momentum is a small iOS Application, which helps you on tracking your habits. It has a nice Today Widget, were you can easily check if you did or need to do your habit.

Cost: Free (with In-App-Purchase)
Link: Download here

8. iTerm2

iTerm2 is the replacement for your It has a lot of features the normal Terminal does not have, for example Split-Planes, Hotkey Window and high-configurability.

Cost: Free (you can donate)
Link: Download here

9. XCActionBar

This is some iOS Developer special magic tool :) It works like Alfred but for Xcode. I really got used to it, to move lines, add snippets, modify code. You can do a lot and even write your own Actions. It is open-source on Github.

Cost: Free (Open Source)
Link: Download here

10. Bartender

Without Bartender my OSX Status Bar would be so full, Bartender helps me in keeping an clean overview in my Status Bar and removes those Apps I do not need to see all the time.

Cost: 15$
Link: Download here