4 Things I learned becoming a Manager

Almost 2 years ago I coincidentally fell into becoming a Manager. In my past career I never thought that this would happen. Most of my life I’ve been working as an Engineer, solving technical problems and building apps, products or just circuit boards.

I learned a lot of things the hard way, while actually failing or doing something great. But also by reading a lot, books about management, teams and culture, experience articles by others who went through the same.

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What does it mean to be a Mobile Lead?

I often feel the need to explain what my role means. It is not as clear as “I am an iOS Engineer” or “I am a Designer”. There will also be a thousand different description depending on the company people work at.

For us here at Buffer being a Mobile Lead means I am doing a mix of the work of an Engineering Manager and a Product Manager. My job is to help the Mobile Team be able to build our products, whatever that might look like. Speaking up for the team, helping with cross-dependencies or personal thoughts.

Let’s turn back a little bit.

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