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Hi there! I am Marcus.

Helping you build empowered remote teams.

Marcus Wermuth is writing, thinking, and talking about building great remote teams: how to set them up, how to manage & lead them, and everything else related to remote work.

I’m currently living in Munich, Germany and work as the Mobile Lead for Buffer. In my day to day work I manage the whole Mobile Team and also help lead and form the vision for all the Mobile Products at Buffer. Previously, I worked as a iOS/Android Developer for myself.

I spend my time Tweeting, reading books, drinking coffee, or traveling. I also write about management, leadership, Mobile specific topics, and all the things remote work.

If you want me to speak at your event or company, or would love to know more about building empowered remote teams, feel free to reach out.


Empowered Teams are key to a successful Remote Company.

Digital Nomads are not new anymore, and we all worked from home once in a while. But what if your whole company or team is going fully distributed? You need a good setup and culture to support this way of working.

Whether you are a big company wanting to learn how to work better with other satellite offices, or a small startup with no office and fully embracing the remote structure, I am here to help you along the way. Building empowered teams will set you up for success!

Newest Talks


4 Things I learned becoming a Manager

As all our individual experiences are different I thought I’d take the chance and return the favor, by writing this article sharing 4 points, which helped me level up and grow into my management position.

What does it mean to be a Mobile Lead?

I often feel the need to explain what my role means. It is not as clear as “I am an iOS Engineer” or “I am a Designer”. There will also be a thousand different description depending on the company people work at. For us here at Buffer being a Mobile Lead means I am...

How Being Open and Honest Made Me a Better Leader

We at Buffer are a fully distributed team. Managing or keeping a relationship with this kind of setup depends almost completely on the people and the culture. There is a lot of focus on the whole process of how we can conduct our work. One of the topics about remote...